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Sep 8

What is Betalain?

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you are asked what is betalain, most people would not have the faintest clue, even though they may have seen it and eaten it.

Intrigued? Well, they are a class of red and yellow pigments found in plants and fruits. Betalains is what gives the beetroot its deep red color.  When mothers tell their children to eat beets as they are good for you, is one hundred percent true.

What is BetalainThere are two types of Betalains, Betacyanins which gives the reddish to violet coloration of some plants and fruits and Betaxanthins which give yellow to orange coloration.  Betalains can occur in any part of the plant from the roots to the flowers.  Betalains were first extracted from the beetroot and so it is commonly called beetroot red.  Initially Botanists were unsure what is Betalains and the function of Betalains in plants?  Research showed evidence to suggest that it has fungicidal properties, which may be a part of the plant’s defensive strategy.

One of the most commonly used natural food dyes is Betanin and this is derived from Betalains. Researchers have now discovered many beneficial aspects of Betalains.  They have natural anti-oxidant properties and this limits the damage done by free radicals in our bodies.  Being natural, they are absorbed in our bodies more easily.  Only a microscopic portion of the population cannot breakdown the Betalains and this leads to red colored urine and feces and is harmlessly passed out.  It has also been discovered that Betalains are a potent anti-cancer agent.  The discovery of the beneficial aspects of Betalains has caught the attention of the food industry.

There are many supplements available in the market containing naturally extracted Betalains, however, many of these supplements are in a juice form, where the natural sugars can destroy the benefits of the betalain.  A new product, called Limitless, contains only the highest extract of betalain form beets and is separated from the sugar and made available in capsule form. You can check out the Limitless Supplement by clicking here. If you are now asked what is Betalain, you can confidently give the answer and also add that they are good for you.